About the Service

Whether you need protective security services at home or abroad, 24/7 or as a one-off, our Security Risk Management team can help advise you on the best security solution to meet your needs. We have experience protecting people in some of the world’s most dangerous and high-risk places – we have provided security services and close personal protection teams to NGOs in Yemen, war correspondents and global media in Africa, as well as business professionals and individuals, across the globe. We provide the following protective security services:

Close Protection services

Our Personal Protection Officers (PPO’s) are recruited from former specialist military backgrounds and can be deployed as individuals or as part of a team.  We tailor these services to the needs of our clients and our PPO’s are carefully selected for any specific requirements.  They possess interpersonal skills such as flexibility, discretion, and emotional intelligence which ensure that our clients can go about their business in a safe and secure manner.

High-Risk Security Advisors (HRSA)

Our HRSA’s often work with the media and the press assisting from planning through deployment.  They understand the unique requirements of working with these organisations and they are not acting as PPO’s but rather there to advise on security concerns.

Security Drivers

We offer an integrated package inclusive of the vehicle, driver, security support, emergency life support and operational support services, providing clients with day-to-day travel logistics, security coverage and peace of mind whilst working.

Facilities Security

We have experience in both protecting and conducting physical security plans for facilities worldwide. Be it residential properties, energy terminals or national infrastructure we understand that the three most important components of a physical security plan are access control, surveillance and security testing to make your space safe and secure.

Event Security

We are licensed to provide event security services in the United Arab Emirates and have experience in providing discreet event security solutions globally.