About Marine Works and Cable Laying

From assistance in strategic through to tactical planning, to deploying armed security guards, Neptune P2P Group specialise in marine works security and cable laying security services. We identify the threats, hazards and vulnerabilities, and then apply the appropriate risk management to protect the cable laying assets and keep them safe to ensure the project runs smoothly.

Our multi-language marine works and cable laying security services teams are able to dynamically assess complex onshore, offshore situations, quickly create, and implement simple and effective counter terrorism and counter crime emergency plans and procedures.

Our French office has extensive experience delivering marine works and cable laying security services throughout the coastline and hinterland of Africa. We can work alongside your cable laying team to train and prepare them to deal with and managing marine works security-related risk or support any third parties, the marine works and cable laying prime, works with. We can either provide security escort vessels (SEV’s) – fully equipped with threat detection, communication, and security equipment – or integrate our operations centre into your existing vessel, platform, or location.

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Neptune P2P Group is an international private security company offering cable laying security, marine works security and security risk management, maritime security, protective services, intelligence, and training. We have been protecting organisations operating in high-risk environments, on land and at sea, worldwide since 2009. From maritime security for vessel protection to security risk management consultancy, planning and training, we are here for you 24/7.