About the Service

Marine works and submarine cable laying is vital to future global development - supporting telecommunications, energy, and government industries. Submarine cables transmit most of the world’s data and communications.

Cable laying ships are some of the most sophisticated and valuable ships on the ocean, responsible for the majority of the submarine cable installation, maintenance and decommissioning of subsea cables. They are also slow-moving, making them susceptible to acts of piracy and terrorism. These individuals will also look for weakened security processes and systems as these cables are connected to land.

From strategy to deployed security guards, Neptune P2P Group has extensive experience in protecting cable laying and marine works projects from potential threats and attacks, keeping the team safe and the project running smoothly.

Our multi-language security teams are able to quickly assess complex onshore and offshore situations and create and implement simple and effective counterterrorism and emergency plans and procedures.

Our French office has extensive experience along the West African coastline and the Gulf of Guinea, and we can work alongside your team, train and prepare them in dealing with and managing threats, or support any third parties you work with. We can either provide security escort vessels (SEV’s) – fully equipped with threat detection, communication, and security equipment – or integrate our operations centre into your existing vessel, platform, or location.

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