About Cruise Ships Security

Neptune P2P Group provides overt or discreet Cruise Ship safety for our Cruise Ship clients. Our Cruise Ship security service provides support to your voyage. We can engage at the planning stage, where we will collaborate with you to risk manage cruise ship safety, threats, hazards and subsequent security vulnerability that may affect your critical assets - the vessel as well as your crew and passengers, not forgetting your reputation. Also, in addition to anti-piracy operations and providing on-board trained security guards, our Cruise Ship safety security service extends to training crew to operate in unfamiliar and potentially hostile locations and scenarios as well as being able to recognise threats, hazards and vulnerabilities that may threaten the security of the vessel.

Neptune P2P Group Intelligence Analysts can also ensure cruise ship safety by providing comprehensive cruise ship security reviews for land excursions, and if required, passenger briefs too. Our consultants will use such reports to identify potential threats, hazards, vulnerabilities, and subsequent risks thus reducing any danger to the cruise liner’s most valuable asset – its passengers. Our counter terrorism and anti piracy trained armed security guards also understand the importance of discreet low-profile tactics and techniques, blending in with the crew to ensure there is no cause for concern amongst your passengers while performing their duties to maintain cruise ship safety.

Neptune P2P Group’s Cruise Ship security services can include the following:

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