About the Service

Some of the most popular tourist and sight-seeing destinations in the world require cruise ships security to transit through high-risk waters, and for tour operators to travel through high-risk and uncertain areas on land. Neptune P2P Group has extensive experience working with cruise ship organisations at sea, on land, and in port.

We provide a seamless, discreet solution for our cruise ship clients. Our cruise ships security services to support your voyage can start at your planning stages, where we can work to identify and share intelligence on specific potential risks. In addition to providing on-board trained security guards, our services extend to training crew to recognise the characteristics and behavioral patterns of those who are likely to threaten the security of the vessel.   Our Intelligence Team can provide comprehensive cruise ships security reviews for land excursions, identifying any potential threats, vulnerabilities, and risks while reducing the risk to the cruise liner’s most valuable asset – its passengers and crews.   Our trained discreet counterterrorism armed security guards understand the importance of low-profile tactics and techniques and blend in to ensure there is no cause for concern for your passengers.   Real-time reporting and on-ground intelligence enable us to support the cruise liner industry, giving confidence and support to our clients, and the travel economy.

Our specific suite of cruise ships security and safety services range from the following;

  • Armed counter-piracy operations.
  • Situation Awareness in Foreign Environments (SAFE) training.
  • Security Risk Assessments for transits, ports and their local areas.
  • Intelligence reports - Our Intelligence Team allows us to make swift decisions, utilising real-time data, local knowledge and expertise, security surveys, on-ground analysis, open-source data, government-backed advice, and intel, as well as our significant experience in dealing with complex and high-risk situations and environments.
  • Providing medical and security trained members of crew to also act as a Cruise Ship Security Officer (SSO). Cruise ships crews can also be targeted by criminals to exploit them in various manners. An embedded SSO can provide invaluable knowledge and expertise to mentor and advise crews and passengers on how to mitigate risks against criminals whilst travelling around sometimes unsafe ports and surrounding areas.


To read more information on our certifications, accreditations, and flag states visit About Us.