About Media Security

Neptune P2P Group's security risk management and media security services focus on two diverse areas - Film and TV Production security in the studio or on location; and close support to the correspondents, reporters and the staff of the Press industry that risk their lives to provide ground-truth reporting in the most hostile of locations across the globe.

We understand the nuances of the culture in both of these media sectors and the expectations and requirements associated with them. Through our wide range of international networks, established reputation and operational experience, Neptune P2P Group provide a reliable and cost-effective media security service and security risk management to the industry.

Film & TV Production Security

Neptune P2P Group’s experience in the unique media security sector includes working with multiple Location Managers, Production Managers and Line Producers in Production Unit Bases, Filming Locations and TV Studios. We understand the filmmaking culture and the expectations of the producers and performers so they can work safely and securely without hindrance from unnecessary distractions. We provide the following full security risk management turn-key services: 

  • Security Management. Experienced Security Managers who develop and implement robust film and TV production security plans, organise and coordinate drivers, vehicles, and the associated logistics.
  • Security Guards. Licensed guards to protect cast, crew, and physical equipment and provide location security both physically and technically.
  • Talent Support and protection. Be it close protection or simply assistance while off-set, Neptune P2P Group can provide licenced film and TV production security close protection officers for overt or discreet protection or personnel that ensure talent can go about their business hassle-free knowing their security risk management needs are covered.
  • Drivers and Vehicles. Reliable drivers with practical and comfortable vehicles.
  • Traffic Control. Traffic marshals with associated traffic control equipment.
  • Medical. Trained medics to ensure the personal safety of cast and crew in accordance with Health and Safety Regulations. Our Medics act as First Responders in case of any injuries or illnesses and will liaise with local emergency services. We also provide trained COVID safety officers with onsite testing equipment.
  • Security Risk Management. Neptune P2P Group provide media security and film and TV production security services from intelligence reporting to risk assessments and risk mitigation plans. We also provide travel risk/journey management and business continuity and resilience support and testing.
  • SAFE Training.  In preparedness for working in unfamiliar and unstable locations, and as a duty of care towards its employees, Neptune P2P Group deliver Security Awareness in Fragile Environments (SAFE) training. The SAFE training can be bespoke and developed for a company’s specific requirements, but would generally consist of travel preparation, travel risk management, countering terrorism, crisis management, kidnap situations, basic trauma-certified medical training, and practical training. The course length varies from 2 to 5 days, depending on the requirement.

Neptune P2P Group are currently the preferred security risk management service provider for two UK Production Houses and has provided media security services for ‘primes’ such as the BBC, ITV, CH4, Sky, Amazon, Disney and HBO.

The Press

Neptune P2P Group provides the following security services for the Press:

  • Close Protection Officers (CPOs) – CPOs provide immediate and intimate protection for our clients. They are recruited from former specialist military backgrounds and can be deployed as individuals or as part of a team. We tailor our services to the needs of our clients. Our CPO’s can be employed discreetly or in a more overt deterrent manner and are carefully selected for any specific requirement. They possess the interpersonal skills that you would expect as professional CPO’s such as flexibility, discretion, and emotional intelligence which ensure that our clients can go about their business safely and securely.
  • High-Risk Security Advisors (HRSA) – Our HRSA service often works with the media, assisting from planning through to and including the deployment. HRSAs understand the unique requirements of working with the media, NGOs and similar organisations. They use the experience from deployments as a CPO to advise on expeditionary security risk management.
  • Risk Advisory Services – The assessment of the threat, hazards, vulnerabilities, and subsequent risk, providing risk management recommendations and plans that will mitigate the risk to the clients’ critical assets. The advisory also covers the development of security and operating procedures including contingency plans.
  • Intelligence Services – Neptune P2P Group’s Intelligence Analysts provide bespoke security intelligence reports on request. Reporting varies from geographic, such as a specific region, country, route or local area, to thematic such as crime, terrorism, migration or narcotics. Moreover, reporting can be focussed on your critical assets.

Neptune P2P Group is an international private security company offering security risk management, maritime security, protective services, intelligence, and training. We have been protecting organisations operating in high-risk environments, on land and at sea, worldwide since 2009. From maritime security for vessel protection to security risk management consultancy, planning and training, we are here for you 24/7.