About the Service

We have been providing merchant vessel security services since 2009. From every type of merchant vessel such as tugs, dry bulk, container ships, Ro Ro’s, chemical carriers and oil tankers we understand the distinctions and requirements associated with protecting each types of vessels.

We employ over 350 armed security guards positioned at strategic points across the globe to ensure merchant vessel security, and that their crew and cargo, are protected whilst transiting through high-risk waters. We work closely with our clients to establish long lasting relationships built on trust, reputation and assured protection.

Through our armed security guards teams, transit risk assessments, vessel security assessments, intelligence reporting and alerts, we have ensured the safety and protection of over 7,000 transits in the High-Risk Areas of the Indian Ocean and the Gulf of Guinea in West Africa, since 2009. Our armed security guards are vigorously vetted and receive specialised in-house training to an international standard. This ensures that the response to any security incident is dealt with swiftly, effectively, and done so in accordance with international law. Our proprietary technology means that we can quickly respond to a client’s requirement at short notice. This enables us to deploy a team of experts you can trust to meet the requirements of your business and merchant vessel, keeping you safe from piracy and other threats. Our motto of ‘protection by prevention’ is at the core of our organisation and is communicated throughout; from senior to middle management to our 24/7 operations and support teams to the security teams protecting our client merchant vessels.

We are recognized internationally for our customer-focused approach and our commitment to maritime excellence.

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