About Intelligence

Neptune P2P Group’s Intelligence Analysts provide bespoke security intelligence reports on request. Reporting varies from geographic, such as a specific region, country or local area, to thematic such as crime, terrorism, migration or narcotics. Moreover, reporting can be focussed on your critical assets.

Our Intelligence Analysts also produce routine reports that your company may find useful. The reports are free and available on this site, and our social media platforms, or you could join the growing numbers that receive at source - all you have to do is sign up for our newsletter distribution. Our routine reports are as follows:

Neptune P2P Group is an international private security company offering security risk management, maritime security, protective services, intelligence, and training. We have been protecting organisations operating in high-risk environments, on land and at sea, worldwide since 2009. From maritime security for vessel protection to security risk management consultancy, planning and training, we are here for you 24/7.

Security Incident Reports

Our security incident reporting intent is to get the reporting online as quickly as possible.

Maritime Intelligence Reports

Our Monthly Maritime Intelligence Reports summarise all maritime incidents worldwide, over the specific calendar month.

Land Intelligence Reports

Our Land Intelligence Reports focus on lesser-known land incidents, occurring in Africa and the Middle East.

Spotlight Reports

Our Intelligence Analysts provide security intelligence reports on request from geographic to thematic.

Global Risk Map

Our Global Risk Map is a quarterly product consisting of a world map, report and analysis of security risks & trends.


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