Neptune P2P Group have been providing Security Risk Management worldwide since 2009. Our services consist of, but are not limited to: Risk Advisory Services which includes identifying the risk and mitigating it (from offices and buildings to land establishments, ports and terminals and offshore oil and gas installations); Business Continuity and Resilience (developing contingency plans and testing them); Travel Risk Management (providing the client with a ‘duty of care’ service in protecting their people when travelling); and, Crisis Management and Emergency Response (having a contingency plan to mitigate the impact of a negative event).


Neptune P2P Group Security Risk Management services span the land and maritime domains and consist of:

  • Risk Advisory Services. The assessment of the threat, hazards, vulnerabilities, and subsequent risk, providing risk management recommendations and plans that will mitigate the risk to the clients’ critical assets. Neptune P2P Group’s portfolio covers Ports and Terminals, Oil and Gas Installations, Establishment Land HQs, and its satellite locations to individual offices, business supply chains and buildings. The advisory also covers the development of security and operating procedures including contingency plans.
  • Business Continuity and Resilience (BCR). Working with an organisation to confirm its critical assets, understand the likelihood and impact of a disruption to the assets functionality, and developing a contingency plan to mitigate the impact should a disruption occur to ensure business continuity is assured. If an organisation already has a Business Continuity (or contingency) Plan, Neptune P2P Group can exercise its viability through extended security risk management. This service can also include the testing of a company’s security by providing an external validation of its physical security measures, policy and processes. The BCR advisory also encompasses Cyber Security Awareness.
  • Travel Risk Management (TRM). People are often quoted as an organisations most critical asset. Moreover, organisations are obligated to provide reasonable duty of care for its employees. Nonetheless, employees travelling to unfamiliar locations is often overlooked. Neptune P2P Group provide end-to-end support from developing policy and guidelines to location and route security risk assessments, mitigation, plans, and tracking. We can also provide in-country or virtual remote support in unfamiliar to hostile locations.
  • Crisis Management and Emergency Response. Neptune P2P Group provides, procedures, training, and in-person or virtual online support for Crisis Management and Emergency Response. Both Crisis Management and Emergency Response complement BCR and TRM, providing critical assistance at a time of need. Be that strategic and operational decision making to tactical response covering all eventualities from a medical emergency to a road traffic accident, to a terrorist attack or a hostage situation. Neptune P2P Group employs personnel that are highly in this field having delivered real-time Crisis Management and Emergency Response in various locations and situations across the globe. This includes UK National level Law Enforcement trained Hostage Negotiators.

If you would like to learn more about how our Security Risk Management Services can help protect your company and its assets, enquire now.

Neptune P2P Group is an international private security company offering security risk management, maritime security, protective services, intelligence, and training. We have been protecting organisations operating in high-risk environments, on land and at sea, worldwide since 2009. From maritime security for vessel protection to security risk management consultancy, planning and training, we are here for you 24/7.

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