About Superyacht Security

Our Superyachts security service is tailored to the needs of your vessel and the locations you are visiting. There are approximately 10,000 Superyachts worldwide. These large and luxurious pleasure vessels depict wealth which can often make the vessel, their crew and passengers, a highly attractive target for activists, organised criminals, terrorists and pirates. Whether Superyachts are transiting through piracy High-Risk Areas (HRA), unsafe regional waters or berthed in seemingly safe marinas, the vessel and all onboard are exposed to various security related risks.


Neptune P2P Group are proven, experienced, and specialised maritime security experts that can provide superyacht security and armed close protection to assist in mitigating that risk. Our Superyachts security services protect companies critical assets – their people, the assets and their reputation. Our armed close protection services and our experienced and qualified Maritime Security Teams (MST), that can operate in both a high overt or a low discreet profile, are supported by our 24/7 Operations and Support Centre.


In addition, our Intelligence Analysts and Risk Management Team can provide comprehensive security assessments for land excursions - identifying any potential threats, hazards, vulnerabilities, and their subsequent risk and mitigation, as well as providing armed close protection and close personal protection officer services, allowing the yacht’s principles and passengers to focus on enjoying their travels.

Neptune P2P Group’s Superyacht security and safety services range from the following;

  • Armed close protection security guards providing a counter-piracy or discreet counter-terrorism deterrence.
  • Security Risk Assessment and Management for vessel transits, port stays and tour routes and areas to ensure superyacht security.
  • Intelligence reports, providing you with information and advice that supports your decision making, utilising real-time data, local knowledge and expertise, security surveys, on-ground analysis, open-source data, government-backed advice, and intelligence, which is complemented by our significant experience in operating within unfamiliar and high-threat locations and challenging situations.
  • Training for crew in Security Awareness in Foreign Environments (SAFE).
  • Cruise Ship Security Officer (SSO) training. A Neptune P2P Group embedded or bespoke trained SSO can provide invaluable knowledge and expertise to dynamically mentor and advise crews and passengers on mitigating risks against security vulnerabilities whilst travelling within unfamiliar and high-threat locations.
  • Crisis Management training or direct support to assist when a crisis occurs.

To read more information on our certifications, accreditations, and flag states visit About Us.

Neptune P2P Group is an international private security company offering security risk management, maritime security, protective services, intelligence, and training. We have been protecting organisations operating in high-risk environments, on land and at sea, worldwide since 2009. From maritime security for vessel protection to security risk management consultancy, planning and training, we are here for you 24/7.