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Training and Capacity Building. Our training portfolio ranges from Maritime Security training, Security Advisory training courses, Travel Risk Management training, specialist military and law enforcement Capacity Building, Cyber Security Awareness, and, for our EU partners, French safety and security training qualifications.

Accreditation. Neptune P2P Group are accredited by Highfield as a training delivery organisation. Our training and capacity building is delivered by experienced and qualified instructors and the courses are accredited by Highfield or City and Guilds.

Neptune P2P Group delivers the following training and capacity building.

Maritime Security Training

  • Port Facility Security Officers course. The Port Facility Security Officer (PFSO) capacity building course focuses on the duties of a PFSO, how to conduct a Port Facility Security Assessment (PFSA) and compile a Port Facility Security Plan (PFSP) in accordance with the internationally recognised ISPS (International Ship and Port Facility Security) Code. The PFSO course is accredited by the UK Government Ministry, Department for Transport (DfT). Neptune P2P Group (NP2P) are accredited by the British Government to deliver PFSO training.
  • Company Security Officer Course. The Company Security Officer (CSO) course develops security personnel and supervisors into the company/establishment security officer role. It focuses on managing the security of an establishment (which could be an office, office block, a gated establishment, or several establishments/vessels), and the of its personnel, covering policy and procedures and their enforcement.
  • Ships Security Officer course. The Ships Security Officer (SSO) course develops the maritime security training and capacity building of security personnel and supervisors into the ship's security officer role. It focuses on managing the security of a vessel and the security of its crew, covering policy and procedures and their enforcement.

Security Advisory Courses

  • Security Risk Management Advisor course. The Security Risk Management Advisor course focuses on an advisor delivering a Security Risk Assessment and subsequent Risk Management Plan. The capacity building course follows a journey consisting of stakeholder engagement, confirming the critical assets, identifying threats, hazards, vulnerabilities, and subsequent risk to those assets, providing security risk management options to the client, creating a risk register and risk management plan, and if required, providing training and drills as part of that risk management plan.
  • Open-Source Intelligence course. The Open-Source Intelligence (OSI) course focuses on identifying sources of information available from open source (predominately the internet), analysing the information, and intelligence report writing.
  • Crisis Management. Every organisation encounters a crisis from time to time - some more regular than others. Crisis Management can be pre-emptive or reactionary, regardless both require a systematic approach which is best practised out of crisis. Neptune P2P Group’s Crisis Management course focuses on the definition of and principles of dealing with a crisis, information collection, strategic decision making, developing a crisis plan, crisis meetings, decision dissemination and accountability and crisis management. The capacity building course is theory based followed by practical exercises.

Travel Risk Management Courses

    People are often quoted as an organisation's most critical asset. Moreover, organisations are obligated to provide a reasonable duty of care for their employees. Nonetheless, employees travelling on duty to unfamiliar locations are often overlooked. To enable organisations to deliver the appropriate employee duty of care, Neptune P2P Group provides the following training courses.
  • Security Awareness in Foreign Environments (SAFE) course.Neptune P2P Group’s SAFE training course is designed to prepare individuals to deal with difficult and unforeseen situations abroad. After conducting the SAFE course, individuals will better understand the environment they may travel to, how to maintain a low-profile presence, and most importantly stay SAFE. Those who attend SAFE will become more confident that they can identify potentially dangerous situations and immediately assess how to respond and react. The modules are theoretical and practical and include travel planning and travel risk management, basic medical skills, avoiding terrorism, avoiding and dealing with a hostage situation, and incident/crisis management.
  • Hostile Environment and Awareness Training (HEAT) course.Our HEAT course builds upon the SAFE course bringing practical scenarios to life. The aim is to build the capacity, confidence and capability of individuals who operate in difficult, unstable or hostile environments. We expose attendees to various scenarios that are often encountered in unfamiliar and hostile locations. In experiencing these scenarios, the course is designed to empower individuals to respond appropriately and subsequently reduce the risks they may face when confronted with a potentially dangerous situation.

Capacity Building

    Neptune P2P Group’s Capacity Building portfolio focuses on four themes: military capacity building, law enforcement capacity building, inter-Government capacity building focussed on Crisis Management and Emergency Response, and Event Security. Capacity building is different from training or courses which are normally generic and focussed on individuals or small groups. Capacity building does just that - it builds a client’s capacity to deliver a capability it does not possess or develop to a higher level.
    The outline of the capacity building Neptune P2P Group deliver is:
  • Military.The full suite of Special Forces and conventional military capability in the land and maritime domain.
  • Law Enforcement. Focuses on criminal investigations and a compliant pathway from intelligence gathering, evidence collection, search and seize, arrest and questioning through to the case development and prosecution. Local legislation is used as the foundation of the training which can be delivered for the land and maritime environments.
  • Crisis Management and Emergency Response.Is aimed at the cross-Government response to a crisis leading to an emergency response. The Crisis Management capacity building ranges from Ministerial level strategic decision making, through the use of secretariats and operational command and control, to the emergency responders and their actions on the ground. At all levels, departments work together from the emergency services (police, ambulance service, and fire service), to the military, to the Government civil contingency departments.
  • Event Safety and Security Management training.The Event Safety and Security Management course teaches how to plan, brief and execute safety and security management of a large event in a stadium, conference centre or similar location. It covers the roles of stewards, supervisors and safety managers and includes Incident Control.

Cyber Security Awareness

    95% of cyber security breaches are a result of human error. Cyber Security Awareness Training is the process of educating employees to understand, identify, and avoid cyber threats. An effective cyber security awareness training program addresses the cybersecurity mistakes that crew and staff are vulnerable to when using email and the internet. The ultimate goal is to prevent or mitigate harm —to both the organisation and its stakeholders—and reduce the human element cyber risk.

Security Industry Authority (SIA) courses.

    Neptune P2P is a Highfield-approved Training and Qualifications Centre providing the following Security Industry Authority (SIA) courses that will enable you to gain the SIA badge and begin a career in the security industry.
  • Highfield Level 2 Award for Security Officers in the Private Security Industry
  • Highfield Level 2 Award for Security Officers in the Private Security Industry (Top Up)
  • Highfield Level 2 Award for Door Supervisors in the Private Security Industry
  • Highfield Level 2 Award for Door Supervisors in the Private Security Industry (Top Up)

SIA Door Supervisor Training

Title. Level 2 Award for Door Supervisors in the Private Security Industry...


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