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Neptune Security Group Ltd played a pivotal role in providing production security and medical cover for a production house in Wales. Over a period of five months, they ensured the safety and protection of more than 25 filming locations.

Their security services were provided round-the-clock, safeguarding the filming locations and unit bases during setup, filming, and dismantling. This comprehensive security coverage allowed the production team to focus on their work without any concerns about safety and security.

Additionally, Neptune Security Group also provided a dedicated production medic throughout the entirety of the production. This ensured that medical support and assistance were readily available to the cast and crew, promoting a safe working environment.

Brixton, in particular, presented unique challenges for filming. However, Neptune Security Group rose to the occasion and successfully managed the security and safety aspects of this challenging location. Their expertise and adaptability allowed the production to proceed smoothly, despite the complexities associated with filming in Brixton.

Overall, Neptune Security Group’s contribution was invaluable in delivering production security and medical cover for this production house based in Wales. Their commitment to ensuring the safety of the team and their ability to overcome challenging locations like Brixton greatly contributed to the success of the project.

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