First-Person Footage Shows Korean Navy SEALs Taking Down Somali Pirates

NMS Note: This footage shows S. Korean forces freeing the MT Samho Jewelry following it’s hijack by Somali pirates. The rescue took place on January 21st 2011. 

South Korean Navy SEALs know how to get the job done.

Case in point comes in this remarkable footage captured by one of the operator’s helmet-mounted cameras, while rescuing the crew of a hijacked freighter. The recently uploaded video shows how the Somali pirates’ chances of getting away quickly decimate once the team boards the ship.

The footage is just over four minutes long, but the mission began long before boarding the ship. A South Korean destroyer chased the Samho Jewelry – an 11,500-ton chemical carrier – for eight days before it was safe enough to carry out the pre-dawn rescue. Once on board, another five hours would pass until the operation was over.

Officials in Seoul said all 21 members of the crew – 11 Burmese, eight Koreans, and two Indonesians – were safe after the rescue mission, according to The Guardian.


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