UKMTO Report, April 5th-April 11th


Screen Shot 2014-04-12 at 11.44.35UKMTO has issued its report for the period April 5th to April 11th and has logged three incidents of potential pirate activity. 

Additionally, UKMTO notes that: “two of the reports alleged the sighting of tripwires (ladders) and one of concealment of the boats crew. No sightings of weapons or attempts to board were reported. These incidents are a timely reminder for vessels to remain vigilant, in all 3 incidents small boats came to within 2nm of merchantmen, making quick alterations of course and speed not consistent with the prevailing conditions. Detailed and timely reporting of incidents by ships masters are crucial in helping to maintain an accurate intelligence picture and assess any changes to pirate tactics and procedures.”

5 Apr – 20 15N 059 02.3E. At 0832 UTC a vessel reported being approached to 1250m on its port beam by 2 skiffs with 4-8 POB and a dhow in the same vicinity. The skiffs sped up and the dhow moved in front of the vessel to 1700m. The vessel increased speed and read warning over VHF. The skiffs continued to close whereupon the AST fired warning shots. The skiffs then moved 250m astern, ladders or ladder like objects were spotted and further warning shots were fired. At this stage the skiffs broke off the approach. The crew and vessel are safe.

5 Apr – 12 35.5N 043 26E. At 1233 UTC a vessel reported being approached by 1 white hulled skiff at 15kts from astern. The AST showed weapons but the skiff continued to close to 300m. The AST saw 5 POB (3 hidden and 2 crouching with a ladder) at which stage the Master sounded horn and evasive manoeuvres were made. The AST fired a warning shot and the skiff turned away towards 3 other skiffs. The crew and vessel are safe.

5 Apr – 15 12N 056 27.1E. At 1600 UTC a vessel reported being followed by a vessel at 6nm. The vessel altered course twice to increase the CPA and both times the other craft increased speed to match the vessel’s manoeuvres. The craft closed to 2nm off port quarter at which time the vessel tried to raise the craft on VHF. The vessel’s AST stood to and fired a flare and the craft continued to close the CPA to 1.8nm. After further manoeuvres contact with the craft was lost. A warship was in the area and communicated with and assisted the vessel. The crew and vessel are safe.