Tanzania: Anti-Piracy Conference Opens in Dar es Salaam

Tanzania’s Surface and Marine Transport Regulatory Authority has launched a three-day conference to build the capacity of senior marine officials to fight piracy in the Indian Ocean, Tanzania’s Daily News reported Wednesday (May 29th).

“The effects of piracy have been felt by our country and it needs political intervention to face the challenges so that safety and security will once again bring cruise ships which stopped operating in our waters for fear of being hijacked by pirates,” Ministry of Transport Deputy Permanent Secretary John Mngodo told participants from more than ten countries.

International Maritime Organisation Regional Co-ordinator for Eastern and Southern Africa John Muindi said experts were implementing strategies to combat piracy, improving facilities and skills with the co-operation of the United States and African countries.

The region has lost more than $6 billion in the past ten years due to piracy, the newspaper reported.

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