Somalia: Somali Prisoners in Kenya Call for the Government to Intervene


Mombasa (sh.M.Network) Somali youths alleged to be pirates who are imprisoned in Kenya call for the federal government to intervene and meet the Kenyan representatives to be freed.

The youth who contacted Shabelle radio said that they were caught fishing at the Somalia coastline by Kenyan naval force. Mohamud Mohamed Hashi who is one of the prisoners added that during their arrest, they did not posses any weapons. The only equipments they had was fishing equipments but the forces accused them of pirates.

Many innocent Somali youths caught fishing at the Somali coastline are imprisoned in Kenyan and Zambian prisons. Most of them are not tried but detained unlawfully by the authorities.

The young men urge the Federal government to intervene and free them from the poor conditioned cells they are kept for years without trials.


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