Somalia: Mudug judiciary release pirates after receiving bribess from pirates kings

Mudug governor of Puntland section has said that senior regional judiciary officials released pirates from prison after they have been paid bribes.¬†Mohamed Jaamac Tigey who was speaking with local media in Galkacyo has referred the insecurity in Mudug region and in the region’s capital of Galkacyo to the growing number of the pirates entering the town recently.

The governor mentioned Galkacyo court officials recently released several pirate me who were released from the jail and then gang robbed a car from the north of Galkacyo.

He has accused the court officials were corrupt and taking bribes from the pirates kings living in the region.

The governor has attributed the insecurity in Galkacyo was responsible of the corrupt leaders and called for transparent justice system in order to tackle insecurity.


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