SOMALIA: Government wants foreigners arriving the country to be registered

By Abdalle Ahmed

Mogadishu (RBC) The Federal Government of Somalia has ordered all foreigners arriving Somalia to contact to the interior and security ministry to be registered for their security after a failed kidnap attempt against a Swedish politician occurred in Mogadishu on  Wednesday.

Ridwan Haji Abdiweli, the spokesman for the Office of Somalia prime minister said today that the government will not tolerate foreigners entering the country without informing the security officials.

“The strongly informs whole foreigners coming into the country to immediately contact the security ministry for their security.” Abdiweli said.

The spokesman also confirmed that the security forces arrested three people in connection with Wednesday’s attack against the Swedish politician woman.

“The police were also searching two other criminals who we believe they were the masterminds of the failed kidnap attack.” he added.

On Wednesday the Swedish woman narrowly escaped from a kidnap attempt after she was shot and wounded by armed men believed were pirates.  the attack occurred soon after the Swedish woman left the premises of University of Somalia in Mogadishu’s KM4 area.  Two men including a Somali-Swedish man and a police officer who was keeping them guard were also killed in the attack.

According to local sources the attack was planned by pirate group operating in south and central Somalia.

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