Skuld warns on Libyan voyages

Cairo: Scandinavian P&I Club, Skuld has warned its members to comply with all Libyan laws and to be extremely careful when visiting the North African country.

“There are some ports and areas in Libya which are being occupied by armed groups which are not part of the official security forces of the Libyan Government,” Skuld explained in a release. “These groups may be seeking to finance themselves by selling oil for export. The Libyan Government apparently does not permit these activities and has issued a warning that any vessels calling in Libya must only do so in accordance with Libyan Government regulations and permits.”

Skuld advised: “While the situation in Libya remains volatile and unpredictable, the Association would advise Members planning on trading to Libya to proceed with all due caution and to ensure that any planned voyage does not take the vessel into any area or engage in any activity that would expose her to the risk of being confronted with force or being accused of breaking Libyan laws and regulations.

“Any fixtures with Libya as intended destination should include a caveat that ensures a vessel cannot be ordered to a port that may be under some sort of sanction by the Government of Libya, the official security forces, or where the security situation is not sufficiently clear or certain.”


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