Pirate Victims Suffer Twice

According to the latest report on the human costs of piracy, two-thirds of Filipinos are paid late and many are forced to sign quit-claims after they have been held by pirates.

While some seafarers who survive a pirate attack are treated well by their employers, the majority literally have insult added to their injuries with consequences that include loss of pay and personal belongings without being reimbursed.

The Human Cost of Maritime Piracy 2012 is produced by the Oceans Beyond Piracy project of the One Earth Future Foundation with the International Maritime Bureau and the Maritime Piracy Humanitarian Response Programme, and the group interviewed several Filipino seafarers and their wives about the impact of piracy on their personal finances.

Many felt betrayed and angry that they were not compensated properly for the turmoil they endured, and following a piracy attack only 23% of those questioned were paid without delay.

As we celebrate the Day of the Seafarer – some should be seemingly hanging their heads in shame.

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