Mauritius boosts security over terrorist threats

Port Louis, Oct 25 (IANS) Authorities in Mauritius have reinforced security at the Port Louis harbour to avert any terrorist attack in the Indian Ocean island state, according to the country’s Counter Terrorism Unit (CTU).

The port which receives cargo containers will be equipped with new detectors at the entry and exit points in a manner similar to what the US does to boost its national security, Xinhua reported citing a statement issued by the CTU.

Recently, senior US marine officers came to Mauritius to share their experiences on how to boost maritime security.

Entries and exits at the Port Louis harbour will be done only through the metal detectors that are being installed.

The Mauritius National Coast Guards conducted a training exercise Tuesday on how to rescue hostages in the Port Louis waters.

During the simulation exercise, the Marcos marine officers were dispatched for the operation with instructions that “they should locate the ship and act very fast, neutralise the pirates, without having any injuries”.

A source at the prime minister’s office said the reinforcement of security is meant to avert any potential terrorist threat and comes at a time when a deadly terrorist attack was carried out by the Somalia-based Al Shabaab group on the Westgate Mall in Nairobi last month, leaving at least 67 people dead and 175 others injured.

The Mauritius authorities have decided to redouble vigilance because the country is currently prosecuting a number of Somali pirates at a special court.

The CTU based at the prime minister’s office said the Mauritius authorities were regularly sharing intelligence information with their Kenyan counterparts.

Following the Nairobi attack, the CTU carried out an evaluation of the places that were at risk, especially the port, airports, headquarters of essential services and commercial centres.

Meanwhile, an inter-regional cooperation committee of African organizations will hold a meeting in Mauritius Nov 11-15 to discuss security issues.


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