Luxembourg Ups Security Levels

After recent severe incidents and armed attacks involving vessels operating off the coastline of West Africa, it has been decided to extend security level 2 to all ships flying the Luxembourg flag operating or transiting within 100 miles from the coast between  Guinea- Bissau to Gabon (both countries included).  

An exception is made for vessels operating under a local security umbrella organised by private initiative for instance in offshore fields. As long as vessels operate in adequately secured areas security level 1 may be applied.

Additionally – Based on their appreciation of the local situation, ship-owners/CSOs may decide to implement measures as would be applied on security level 3, when and for as long as this is considered appropriate without officially being at this level. (In this case, it is not mandatory to immediately inform flag state authorities; however it is recommended to do so at earliest convenience as this kind of information can be useful in order to evaluate the security situation in the region). – When entering a port in this zone operating under security level 1, masters/SSOs are authorized to align the security level of the vessels to the one of the port and go back to level 1 if they consider that port to be providing sufficient security. (In this case, Flag state authorities must be informed).


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