KMA launches Sh1.8 billion maritime strategic plan


KENYA Maritime Authority has started implementing the first phase of a new five-year Maritime Strategic Plan. The plan targets to address challenges in the maritime sector and was launched by Transport minister Amos Kimunya last month.

The plan is expected to strengthen maritime security and facilitation of Kenya’s white listing by the International Maritime Organisation. KMA Director General Nancy Karigithu yesterday said the plan which will be implemented in five phases will cost Sh1.8 billion.

The first phase will cost Sh600 million and will oversee the formulation of a legal and regulatory framework policy. Karigithu said lack of adoption of new technology and poor regulatory framework had led to increase in informal maritime businesses.

She said the new plan will empower the authority to work with stakeholders towards making the country a more competitive global partner.

“We have suffered global economic depression which has affected the region. The increase in tariff and non-tariff trade barriers have reduced our capacity to integrate regionally as desired by our political leadership,” said Karigithu.

She said the policy will include rules of submarine cables, safety and pollution prevention, rules for oil and gas exploration as well as exploitation and combating maritime crime.


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