India, the two marines do not respond to the police

Girone and Latorre called for a recorded statement. Now the Indians want to listen to the other four riflemen who were part of the security team of Enrica Lexie

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Salvatore Girone and Massimiliano Latorre did not want to answer questions from the Indian police (NIA) in a meeting held a month ago in New Delhi.This was revealed by the newspaper Hindustan Times , explaining that the two Italian riflemen charged with the murder of two fishermen in the Indian state of Kerala had been summoned to record their statements, but they refused to say anything. Apparently, said an official source quoted by the newspaper, they did so on the instructions of their lawyers.

The investigation of what happened Feb. 15, 2012¬†, the source added, “established that there ‘was a kind of shooting. A fisherman and’ was shot in the head and another to the heart. want to know what has pushed the two maro ‘shooting at the fishermen. “¬†Now Nia wants to listen to the other four maro ‘(Renato Voglino, Massimo Andronicus, Antonio Fontano and Alexander Conte) who were part of the security team on board the Enrica Lexie as witnesses of the incident power.¬†”But Italy for the moment I sent them in India in spite of insurance provided to the Core Supreme make them available when necessary.”¬†For this, he concluded the source, “we asked the Foreign Ministry to raise the issue with Italy.”

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