HMS Northumberland in Malta

Royal Navy frigate HMS Northumberland arrives in Malta today. It will be berthed at Pinto Wharf until Monday.

The Type 23 frigate is returning to the UK following a six month deployment east of Suez conducting maritime security operations – clamping down on piracy, smuggling, terrorism, people trafficking and the illegal arms trade. 

HMS Northumberland was one of two frigates which supported the Cougar deployment in the Mediterranean towards the end of 2012. The same task group included HMS Illustrious and HMS Bulwark, which both visited Malta in November at the conclusion of the deployment.

HMS Northumberland sailed from the UK on October 8 and is due to return on May 10. During her deployment the ship has visited a variety of countries including Oman, Tanzania, UAE and Pakistan.

HMS Northumberland is based in Devonport.


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