DP World aims to combat piracy at its roots

Building innovative Public-Private Partnerships to strengthen Somalia’s economic and social development and combat maritime piracy is the theme of DP World’s latest thought leadership initiative to be held this month.

The port operator is bringing together senior government, non-government and industry leaders with knowledge partner the Institute for Near East and Gulf Military Analysis (INEGMA) in a series of three panel discussions to promote foreign investment, encourage economic stability and independence, while creating jobs for Somali youth. This is part of DP World’s on-going land-based counter piracy efforts.

The first of the three part panel series was held in April this year. Click here for the white paper from that discussion.

In the second panel discussion to be held in Dubai August 26, the focus will now turn to developing the country’s resources for future growth under the theme ‘The Business Environment, Regulatory Reform and Key Economic Sectors for Investment in Somalia’, following the significant reduction in piracy attacks in recent years.

DP World Group CEO Mohammed Sharaf said engaging public and private thought leaders to explore opportunities for Somalia’s development is a positive way of supporting Somalia’s economic capacity building.

“We are particularly focused on hearing from young Somalis and encouraging them to become involved in the development of their country in a very practical way through the establishment of local businesses,” Sharaf said.

“These panels are a vehicle for change and a dynamic platform for debate and innovation, and are playing an instrumental role in developing the country’s long term vision. Working together in partnership, the public and private sectors can help increase stability, provide infrastructure, and promote development of the economy and jobs,” Sharaf added.

INEGMA Director of Research and Consultancy Dr. Theodore Karasik said he is very pleased with the response to the invitations to the second of the three panel discussions.

“We anticipate around 30 senior people from across a range of government, non-government and business sectors joining the debate. We have also had a great response from young Somali academics in particular and look forward to hearing their views during the day’s workshops,” Karasik said.

A white paper summarising the discussion and debate will be issued at the end of September.

The white papers from the panel series will contribute to the discussion at the annual UAE Counter Piracy Conference co-convened by the UAE’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and DP World, to be held in Dubai in the fourth quarter.

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