Commander Lauds Iran’s Navy Fight against Pirates

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Iranian Army Commander Major General Ataollah Salehi praised the country’s naval forces for their fight against piracy in the high seas.

The Iranian naval forces have been successfully deployed to the farthest locations and straits in the high seas, and have nipped the pirate attacks in the bud, the high-ranking commander said in Iran’s southern port of Bushehr on Sunday.

Salehi argued that the pirate attacks against Iran’s merchant vessels and oil tankers have been orchestrated by the enemies in order to disrupt the waterways, which he described as crucial to the country’s maritime dominance.

In relevant comments on November 25, Major General Salehi touched on the significant role of the navy in securing the country’s economy, saying naval forces are tasked with ensuring security of the country’s trade cargoes and oil tankers in shipping routes.

He had also noted that Iranian naval forces enjoy the military might and dominance, but at the same time noted that such power would never pose threat against any country.

Referring to the Iranian naval forces as “the ambassadors of peace and friendship”, Major General Salehi said the navy has kept the flag flying for the Islamic Republic in the high seas, from the Indian Ocean to the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, as well as in the Pacific Ocean.

Since November 2008, the Iranian Navy has conducted anti-piracy missions in the Gulf of Aden and Bab el-Mendeb strait to protect the country’s cargo ships and oil tankers against pirates.

Under the terms of several UN Security Council resolutions, nations can deploy warships to the Gulf of Aden and coastal waters of Somalia to protect their vessels against the pirates and, after giving notice to Somali government, enter Somali territorial in pursuit of the pirates.


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