CJTF-HOA Welcomes New Commander

By Staff Sergeant Caleb Pierce
CJTF-HOA Public Affairs


Apr 19, 2013  — U.S. Army Brig. Gen. Terry R. Ferrell assumed command of Combined Joint Task Force-Horn of Africa during a ceremony here presided by the U.S. Africa Command commander April 18, 2013. 

“I’m extremely proud of the accomplishments and dedication of the men and women of the Combined Joint Task Force – an outstanding organization that deserves an outstanding leader,” said U.S. Army Gen. David M. Rodriguez, USAFRICOM commander, during the ceremony.

“I know Brig. Gen. Terry Ferrell well and I’m confident that he will continue to build on and develop stronger relationships with our Djiboutian hosts,” the general added. “And I’m confident that he will develop improved partnership throughout the region and will lead this task force to even greater success.”

Overall, approximately 200 U.S. and African officials, as well as several hundred members of CJTF-HOA and Camp Lemonnier, attended the morning ceremony.

“Thank you for the chance to join this team — this team comprised of Soldiers, Airmen, Sailors, Marines, civilians, government officials, our country hosts and all of the members of the East African region that we will live and work and grow with each and every day,” Ferrell said. “I look forward to opportunities to increase our partnership on camp and the communities and across the region as we go forward together.”

As the new CJTF-HOA commander, Ferrell is responsible for a 10-country 2.4-million-square-mile combined joint operating area in East Africa. By and large, CJTF-HOA conducts military operations, activities, and exercises to defeat violent extremist organizations and transnational threats, and to strengthen operational and institutional capabilities of East African partner-nation militaries in order to promote security and stability within each country’s borders and throughout the region.

“We go forward together to get after what we’ve been asked to do,” Ferrell concluded.

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