What We Did

Supporting the Cruise Ship industry.

We deployed an Embarked Security Advisor (ESA) on board a cruise ship that provides specialist expeditionary tours. Our ESA provided the following services:

  • Security advice to the Expedition Teams in the planning and delivery of scheduled tours.
  • Accompanying the Expedition Teams on the tours and being available to support in any security related event.
  • Delivered First Aid at Work (FAW) and Security Awareness in Foreign Environments (SAFE) training to embarked Expedition Staff.

We delivered accredited qualification Level 4 Security Awareness in Foreign Environments (SAFE) (Advanced +) courses which enabled individuals to better understand the environments they operate in, how to maintain a low-profile presence, and most importantly, stay SAFE. Those that attended SAFE became more confident in identifying potentially dangerous situations and were able to assess how to respond and react. The modules are theoretical and practical and include travelling safely and travel risk management, basic medical skills, avoiding terrorism, avoiding and dealing with a hostage situation, and incident/crisis management. The training was delivered in progressive phases – for example, if an employee only requires to complete travelling safely and travel risk management, that is all they need to complete to gain a Level 2 qualification.

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