A Human Tide

Our Latest Spotlight Report Navigating Migrant Challenges in the Maritime Sector – A Human Tide focuses on the global refugee and migration situation has reached a critical juncture, marked by a disturbing increase in the number of  attempted maritime crossings which often lead to a tragic loss of  life. Conflict and poverty in their own countries have created an  exodus of people looking for greater prosperity and stability in lands far away from home. Often the only way the migrants can reach their intended goal is by small boat. This has led to ruthless exploitation of the situation by criminal gangs. Migrants are parting with substantial sums of money to intermediaries who facilitate these hazardous crossings. This report looks at how this migrant crisis has also placed the commercial maritime sector in a moral and legal dilemma. Do commercial and private vessels have an obligation to assist if they come across migrant vessels, how do they deal safely with the migrants if they do provide assistance, where does a ship land the migrants and who pays for the time and loss of revenue?

Our experts are able to provide the latest intelligence updates and advice and guidance prior to transiting migrant routes. We can assist in training your crews to react in the eventuality that your vessel is obligated to respond to a SOLAS incident, using best management practices to navigate these complex situations with a focus on safety, efficiency, and humanitarian considerations.

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