An international Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) Company was seeking secure transportation and travel management services for their local and international staff, working on a water and waste water services programme in Egypt. Neptune P2P Group was contracted for one year to provide regional security management.


We deployed a trained security driver and vehicle for the duration of the project with an operational management service for vehicle tracking and monitoring, as well as the provision of additional security services. We also developed and implemented Security and Emergency Response Procedures (SERP), which included, but was not limited to, Security Operating Procedures (SOPs), security alert state Management, evacuation triggers, lockdown procedures, evacuation management, crisis management, and emergency preparedness.


In addition, we provided risk security management services for enhanced regional travel safety, which included secondary vehicles, additional drivers, and close personal protection officers. These services were increased specifically in areas of increased exposure to security risk outside of Cairo, such as the Sohag and Assiut Governorates, in Upper Egypt.

Neptune P2P Group has provided us with security risk management services within Cairo, Egypt throughout 2016, including Hostile Environment Awareness/Crisis Management Training and travel management services. We have found them to be knowledgeable and professional providing reliable and appropriately priced services throughout. Their flexibility and willingness to provide a tailored service taking into account the differing and specific needs of individual tasks has made a real difference. The high levels of professional expertise combined with reliable local contacts have proven an extremely effective and efficient model to ensure the ongoing security of operations.
- Regional Security Manager, Europe, Middle East & Africa  – Global Security Unit

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