About the Service

Neptune P2P Group have been assisting and advising organisations to compile and enhance their Security Plans, Procedures and Assessments since 2009.

Neptune P2P Group’s mission is to safeguard people, businesses, and their assets, within high-risk maritime and land-based environments, across the world. Through our comprehensive operational security risk management expertise, we help you understand your physical and technical security risks. We provide risk based and proportionate solutions that are robust, well designed, data driven and sustainable. Working across security, safety, legal, compliance, business and travel management teams, we help clients augment and transform their security posture.

Health & Safety issues are becoming increasingly important in the modern world. A Risk Assessment helps identify potential hazards in workplaces. Understanding the difference between health & safety risk assessments and security risk assessments is vital for ensuring the safety and security of your workplace.

We have experience across a wide range of security risk services, assisting organisations in various types of environments in the management of strategic and operational risk issues. We have conducted a multitude of Security Plans, Procedures and Assessments across the security spectrum to identify, assess and prioritise the likelihood and impact of risk upon corporate objectives. It is during all phases of our client operations while designing scalable security solutions to support complex infrastructure programmes; where security architecture, design and emergency response plans are necessary attributes.

Most recently over the past couple of years we have conducted multiple Security Plans, Procedures and Assessments on client office locations (in hostile and non-hostile environments), high net worth residences, voyages, hotels, ports and tourist travel destinations. Our Security Risk and Intelligence teams work to identify the risks that can impact our client’s personnel, assets and reputations.

Our team understands and appreciates the critical importance of the assets that our clients are seeking to safeguard and support our clients at every level of their organisations. Our approach is driven by industry standards and the practical experience we have accumulated across different markets.

Learn more about our security risk assessments and health & safety risk assessments and how we can design an effective plan for your organsiation.