About the Service

Neptune P2P Group have been providing Security and Risk Consulting Services across the globe since 2009. The underlying factors that underpin risk are often misunderstood even by many that work in the security industry. Our experienced in-house risk management team fully understand the importance of carefully evaluating each of the three components of a Security Risk Assessment (SRA) which are assets, threats and vulnerabilities.

  • The Asset:ultimately it is our aim at Neptune P2P Group to protect the asset, be it people, property or information at all costs.
  • The Vulnerability: is the weakness or gap within or associated with the asset which may be exploited.
  • The Threat:is anything that can exploit the vulnerability be it intentionally or accidentally. The threat may obtain, damage or destroy the asset and it is the threat that we at Neptune P2P Group protect against.

Neptune P2P Group use a proven tried and tested process which has been learned over many years for evaluating the risk to an asset by carefully scrutinising and analysing the vulnerability and threat. Security and Risk Consulting must always start with a thorough and detailed Risk Assessment. It is the findings of the assessment where we draw conclusions and advise our clients on the appropriate actions to be taken. These actions can range from upskilling incumbent security providers, enhancing and developing current security measures to changing behaviours within an organisation. As a security risk consultancy firm, we advise our clients to implement the most effective and cost-efficient measures to mitigate their risk.

We use our own in-house risk managers to retain corporate knowledge within the firm. Our Security Risk Management Team have conducted numerous assessments for clients, providing risk intelligence, analysis, and recommendations to minimise risk - whether protecting your family at home or abroad or conducting your business in high-risk environments. Our security consulting services ensures that you and your organisation are benefiting from the best safety and security practices in our business so that you can concentrate on running your own business. If you would like to learn more about how our security risk consulting services can help protect your company and its assets, enquire now.