Incident Alert – Piracy Incident Update – MV ABDULLAH Released Reported $5 Million Ransom Paid

Incident Alert  – Piracy Incident Update – MV ABDULLAH Released Reported $5 Million Ransom Paid

Date: 13/14 April 2024 1520 UTC Position: 07° 04’N 049° 27’E

Location: Somali Basin – Approximately 30nm South of Eyl, Somalia

Incident Details

On 13 April 2024, MSCHOA released Alert number 038 / 2024 – Update 026 stating that the Bangladesh-flagged bulk carrier MV ABDULLAH which had been held by Somali pirates since 12 March 2024, had been released and was underway approximately 30nm South of Eyl, Somalia. Update 027 on 14 April, stated the ship was heading 080 degrees at 10knts in position 07 25 N 050 49. The report stated that the vessel was free from pirates and underway to the next port of call. The crew were reported to be safe.

                                            Location of Incident – 30nm South of Eyl, Yemen


Media reports suggest that a ransom of $5 million USD was paid to a pirate gang for the release of the vessel. It is believed the money was dropped by air at a specified location in the pirate’s area of control. Regional authorities report a total of 18 Fishing Vessels and 4 Commercial ships have been hijacked since November 2023, however, this appears to be the first time a ransom payment has been publicly declared.


If the payment of a ransom is confirmed, this will likely embolden other Pirate Action Groups (PAGs) to attempt similar criminal activity. Regional authorities have already indicated they believe there are up to 4 PAG operating in the region. We recommend ship operators implement BMP 5 counter-piracy measures and consider using an Armed Security Team while transiting the region.