Incident Alert – MSCHOA Warns of Possible Pirate Action Groups Leaving the Coast of Somalia

Incident Alert  – MSCHOA Warns of Possible Pirate Action Groups Leaving the Coast of Somalia

Date: 14 March

Location: Indian Ocean – Puntland coast, Somalia

Incident Details

The Maritime Security Centre Horn of Africa (MSCHOA) released an Alert (039) stating pirate activity had been reported between Hobyo, Mudug and Nugal regions in Somalia. The report stated four possible Pirate Action Groups (PAG) with an estimated 36 armed pirates departed on 4 four skiffs from the coastline of Puntland. MSCHOA also reported that the MV RUEN held by pirates since 14 December, had left the Puntland coast and was now in position 05° 50’N 53° 49E, 270nm east-southeast of Eyl Somalia. MSCHOA states it is possible that the RUEN is being used as a mothership to conduct further pirate attacks.


Alert 039 follows the hijacking by pirates of the Bangladesh-flagged bulk carrier ABDULLAH on 12 March which is now believed to be anchored 35 nm south of Eyl close to the area where the RUEN was held for ransom by a pirate gang.


Since the end of November 2023, multiple incidents involving piracy and hijacking have taken place in the Somali basin with a notable surge in reported events recently. The conclusion of the monsoon period is expected to further facilitate piracy activities in the region. It now appears there are several PAGs operating from the Puntland region and therefore the frequency and number of attacks on commercial vessels are likely to increase. Vessel operators are advised to implement the counter-piracy measures contained within BMP 5 and consider the use of an Armed Security Team while transiting the area.