Incident Alert – Armed Security Team Repels Pirate Attack in the Arabian Sea

Incident Alert  – Armed Security Team Repels Pirate Attack in the Arabian Sea

Date: 21 March 2024 0755 UTC Position: 14° 28’N 53° 29’E

Location: Arabian Sea – 102nm southeast of Nishtun, Yemen

Incident Details

The UKMTO has released Warning 056 regarding an incident 102nm southeast of Nishtun, Yemen. The Master of a vessel reported that one small craft with four persons on board approached within approximately one cable of the vessel. The ship’s Armed Security Team and the small craft occupants exchanged small arms fire. The small craft then departed the area. The vessel and crew are reported to be safe and the ship is heading to her next port of call.

Armed Security Team Repels Pirate Attackin the Arabian Sea
Armed Security Team Repels Pirate Attack
in the Arabian Sea


The vessel involved in today’s incident has been identified as the Liberian-flagged oil tanker YAMILAH III and follows yesterday’s Suspicious Approach on the bulk carrier NEW LEONIDAS in a nearby location. Both incidents indicate it is likely that a Pirate Action Group (PAG) is operating in the Eastern approaches to the Gulf of Aden.


Today’s encounter with a small craft with four armed persons on board aligns with previous pirate attack methodology and substantiates the reports by regional security organisations, that up to four PAG may be active in the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea. It is interesting to note that in both recent incidents, the use of an Armed Security Team has prevented the incident from escalating to a hijack situation. We advise ships transiting the area to remain cautious. We also recommend ship operators implement BMP 5 counter-piracy measures and consider using an Armed Security Team while transiting the region.