Migrant Assistance at Sea

Human migration is a global problem but in the Mediterranean Sea, it has reached a critical juncture with thousands of people each year risking their lives to escape poverty, conflict and persecution in their own country. This essential training is designed for seafarers from across the globe, who are often the first witnesses and act in situations of distress at sea. The course is designed to equip you with the knowledge to respond effectively and humanely to migrant distress situations, in accordance with international legal obligations and the universal values of solidarity and humanity.



Our training venues are in Poole and Manchester, UK and Dubai, UAE. Or your company location!

Distance Learning

Engaging live sessions led by experts, fostering real-time interaction and guidance.


Flexible, self-paced learning via the internet, accessible 24/7.
If the dates/course type you require are not available please contact us to discuss alternate options.

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