Piracy off Somalia in the Indian Ocean, not only affects the vessels that must navigate in the region

Piracy off Somalia in the Indian Ocean, not only affects the vessels that must navigate in the region but is now an indirect threat to Mauritian consumers. precautions for flood STC has recently awarded a delay in delivery precautions for flood of petroleum products that the oil carrying them had to make a big detour to avoid the danger zone. The big problem is that insurance companies and shipowners have substantially increased insurance premiums, which has resulted in a substantial increase in the cost of freight. But insurance and freight are two important elements in the process of fixing precautions for flood prices of imported goods. precautions for flood This has a direct impact on commodity prices in Mauritius. Jean Claude Tsang, Manager Marine Mauritian Eagle Insurance to by its profession is called to follow precautions for flood the daily developments in the area affected by piracy. He noted that the area of operation of the pirates, who have maritime assets more important now extends to the west coast of India. The situation is critical, he says, noting that consumers are now Mauritian collateral victims of these acts of piracy. He then spoke at length in the interview he gives us this week.

The International Maritime Organization precautions for flood (IMO), a specialized agency of the UN, recently a report indicating that piracy has reached record levels in 2010 with 1,130 sailors taken hostage along the Somali"coast. The last 12 months, 286 acts of piracy occurred in the area, and 67 vessels were hijacked. This situation has led the four major shipping associations, representing 90% of the world merchant fleet, to ask the authorities to strengthen their efforts against piracy “unacceptable” rampant off the Somali coast, precautions for flood threatening otherwise to divert traffic . The four signatory organizations – BIMCO, precautions for flood the International precautions for flood Chamber of Maritime precautions for flood Commerce, Intercargo and Intertanko – estimate the annual cost of piracy at between 7 and 12 billion for the global economy According to a study conducted by the Institute Londoner Chatham House.

At first, it seemed he was poor fishers for whom piracy was a way to make money. Now they are mostly well-organized bands. These bands crisscross the sea and when they see a scope they ship attack, take possession and lead to their base of operations in Somalia. At that time a ransom is demanded for the release of the vessel, cargo and crew. It is especially insurers are required to pay the costs of the ransom. precautions for flood The ship is not released as long as the ransom is not paid.

Without venturing into the technical operation regarding precautions for flood insurance, insurers provide the hull in case of physical damage, provide goods and somewhere also provide precautions for flood the crew. When a hacker took possession of the boat, the insurer is therefore faced with a dilemma. He can say that the customer is not covered because there is no physical damage. There is a clause in all contracts of insurance called Sue and Labour which provides that the insurer is responsible for all charges made by the owner to prevent damage being caused to the boat. What makes that following the takeover of a ship by pirates, the shipowner and the insurer precautions for flood are in agreement on the choice of a negotiator who will liaise with the pirates until the ship, the crew and the goods are released.

No. Insurers do not compare the pirates to terrorists. If this were the case, no insurer would have agreed to pay the ransom because insurance does not cover damage caused by terrorist acts. However, piracy can be seen in some way as a terrorist act.

There are two or three years the average ransom for a ship owner can release its revolved around 3.5 million. At the time we speak it is estimated at 5.5 million. Tomorrow, if your ship is taken hostage by pirates, according to its cargo, should find 5.5 million.

What happens is that there are very poor fishermen operating along the Somali coast, which is comparable to no man"[NMS Note: Article cuts off here for unknown reasons!]

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