Monthly Maritime Incident Report May 2024

May Maritime Incidents – six (6) migrant interventions off Greece/Turkey; four (4) Pirate Action Groups active in the Somali Basin; and, Houthi attacks increase but their impact decreases.

Piracy-related incidents continued to threaten ships transiting the Indian Ocean and the Somali basin during May with at least four Pirate Action Groups reported to be active in the region. Elsewhere the number of Houthi attacks rose slightly but the number of ships impacted by aerial weapons dropped. Human migration increased in the Mediterranean, particularly in the Aegean Sea off the coast of Turkey, where large numbers of migrants were rescued. Find out what your obligations are and plan your response if your vessel is called upon to assist migrants in distress, view our migrant training at:  Migrant Assistance at Sea – Neptune P2P Group  – Download our Free Monthly Maritime Incident Report for May 2024. 

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