Risk to Commercial Shipping of Collateral Damage in the North Western Black Sea

Incident Details: The risk of collateral damage or direct hits on Civilian Shipping in the North Western Black Sea area are considered VERY HIGH. There are strong indicators that the intensity of military operations along the Ukrainian Black Sea coastline and in the Gulf of Odessa are increasing. The risk of GPS jamming, AIS spoofing, communications jamming, electronic interference and cyber-attacks in the area are considered high. Harassment and diversion of shipping in the area cannot be excluded. NAVAREA III 0098/22 refers.


Neptune P2P Group Comment: In addition to Warning 0098/22, the NAVAREA III reporting centre also issued Warning 0092/22 regarding mine areas in the North Western Black Sea. There are a number of NAVAREA Warnings currently active for the Black Sea, they can be accessed via the following link https://bit.ly/35QtWdp