Land Intelligence Report September 2023

Neptune P2P Group focuses on five significant events for September’s Land Intelligence Report:

In Haiti, Neptune P2P assesses the rising influence of criminal gangs in the country amongst calls by the leader of the most powerful gang, Jimmy ‘Barbeque’ Cherizer, to oust the current President.

On the African continent, further political and insurgent instability continues to trouble the region. In Burkina Faso last month, militants killed 53 soldiers and volunteers amid further efforts to take ground from insurgents in the region; will a security agreement with Russia assist in their efforts to fight back? In nearby Mali, Tuareg rebels seized control of military camps in the north of the country from the Malian armed forces.

In the Middle East, the issue of drug use in Gulf countries is examined after a large shipment of the drug Captagon was seized by police in the UAE. Additionally, tensions rose in the region as Iran claimed to possess technologically advanced weapons such as hypersonic missiles and the ‘world’s longest range aerial drone’. 

How will these events impact geopolitical stability and influence future events?

Neptune P2P Group - Monthly Land Intelligence Report - September 2023