Land Intelligence Report October 2023

Neptune P2P Group focuses on five significant events that occurred in October for our Land Intelligence Report: 

In the Middle East, the conflict in Israel/Gaza that began on 07 October has intensified with the beginning of ground operations, impacting stability across the globe.

On the African continent, previously discussed instability in the Sahel has further troubled the region. In Mali, the Malian security forces and insurgents are engaged in a battle in the Azawad region for the strategically important area following the withdrawal of UN peacekeepers. In Uganda, two British nationals were killed in a terror attack by Islamist insurgents during a safari.

In Haiti, the UN has approved a Kenyan-led police force to deploy to the country to restore security after armed gangs have effectively taken control of the country.

Finally, Belgium has been victim to a terror attack where two Swedish nationals were murdered by an assailant connected to the Islamic State; raising the risk of terrorism across Europe as a result.

How will these events impact geopolitical stability and influence future events?