Just who is winning the war in Yemen?

Is anyone winning the conflict in Yemen, or are the people of the war-torn country ultimately the losers? This report looks at the current status of a war that is now in its seventh year and has killed or injured over 18,000 civilians and countless combatants. Compounding the issue is the world’s largest humanitarian crisis created by a lack of basic food supplies. The UN estimates that 131,000 of the estimated 233,000 deaths in Yemen since 2015 are the result of indirect causes like food insecurity and lack of access to health services. Over 20 million people are reliant on food aid, prompting the World Food Programme chief officer David Beasley, to say “We’re literally looking at 16 million people marching towards starvation”. In August this year, the UN-appointed a new Special Envoy for the country raising hopes that a peace agreement can be brokered between the warring factions, however, a stalemate seems to have been reached politically and militarily after a Houthi offensive on the last Government held stronghold in the northern Marib province of the country, was stalled in March.

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