Cruise Ships Security Threats & Mitigation

This report focuses on Cruise Ship Security Threats & Mitigation and how the cruise liner industry protects both its assets and customers from a variety of global maritime dangers. As Cruise Liner vacations begin to return to pre-COVID numbers, the maritime security risks associated with their operations will increase exponentially.

By the end of 2021, there is expected to be cruise capacity for over half a million passengers to be dispersed worldwide in over 320 ships, albeit down by 10% from pre-Covid figures. The cruise industry is economically and geographically focussed with 10 companies dominating more than 60% of the market share.

The bulk of this traffic is concentrated in the Caribbean (46%), followed by the Mediterranean (21%) but with major new terminals being planned in the UAE and Saudi Arabia, the threats are now global. Cruise vessels vary considerably in size with passenger capacity ranging from less than a hundred up to several thousand, the Symphony of the Seas for example can carry a maximum of 6,680 customers which could present a significant target for those with criminal intent.

Piracy although in abeyance, is still a viable possibility and the rewards for a pirate gang to be gained from the seizure of a cruise ship would be significant. A
successful attack against a major ocean-going vessel would almost certainly result in global recognition of the incident and thus gain the perpetrator’s
maximum media coverage. Although not a terrorist attack, this was demonstrated in November 2005 with the pirate attack on the Seabourn
Spirit off the coast of Somalia which made the headlines on most western television and news outlets

In the past, cruise ships have been the target of terrorist attacks and other maritime criminal activity. Our trained discreet counterterrorism armed security guards understand the importance of low-profile tactics and techniques and blend in to ensure there is no cause for concern for your passengers.  Real-time reporting and on-ground intelligence enable us to support the cruise liner industry, giving confidence and support to our clients, and the travel economy.

The Cruise Ship Security Threats & Mitigation are defined in the report.  

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