MT Joaquim and the continuing troubles off the Malaysian Peninsula

The recent hijacking of MT Joaquim on Saturday 8th August in the Malacca Strait has provided yet another timely reminder of the current risks facing seafarers in Southeast Asia, particularly in and around the Malaysian Peninsula. Sunday 9th August saw the recovery of the tanker by the Malaysian Enforcement Agency, approximately 14 NM off Tanjung Kling.

The initial reports of the discovery suggest that 3,000 tonnes of fuel had been siphoned from the vessel before the power to the generator was cut. This incident is the fourth successful hijacking for the purpose of fuel theft in the last 18 months within the Malacca Strait, a trend that is congruent with the overall increase in incidents off the Malaysian Peninsula which has seen a total of 11 hijackings, 2 unsuccessful, so far in 2015.

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