Manchester Arena Terror Attack – What we know so far.

Incident Details

At around 2230 hrs on 22nd May, a lone male attacker targeted a crowd dispersing from the ‘Ariana Grande’ concert at the Manchester Arena, Manchester, UK.

The attacker detonated an IED (Improvised Explosive Device) which was carried in his rucksack, as the crowd was leaving the arena.

Initial reports suggest that 22 people have been killed, amongst them an unknown number of children.

59 people are being treated for various injuries across the cities hospitals, many of them are life threatening injuries.

12 children are amongst those being treated.

The attacker (who was killed in the explosion) has been identified by the police, who will not release his name.

The police have arrested two people in South Manchester in connection with the attack, some sources are saying more raids will take place throughout the day.

The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the attack in Manchester; however, this does not mean that the attacker took orders directly from an IS controller.
Claims of responsibility are usually issued through the group’s Amaq News Agency, an official jihadist news source, and then disseminated through social media.

There is very little confirmed information on the individual who carried out the attack at the Manchester Arena so now is not the time and place to speculate as to what
the causes were and what his intent was.