Dryad’s Q1 Report Released

Maritime Crime in South East Asia Drops to Lowest Levels for a Decade While Kidnap, Ransom and Sabotage Surge in Gulf of Guinea

Today, Dryad Maritime, the UK’s leading maritime intelligence and operations company has released its Q1 2016 analysis of globally reported incidents of piracy and crime against mariners.

Providing expert analysis and insight on maritime piracy and crime around the world the report explores the global reduction of piracy across international waters during the first three months of 2016. In South East Asia there has been a 50% drop in reported maritime crime compared to the same period in 2015; the lowest figures recorded by Dryad in 10 years. Similarly, the end of Q1 2016 represents the longest period without attacks on MVs underway or at anchor within the Singapore Strait since Q1 2013.  Somali piracy continues to be broadly contained with no confirmed attacks on large merchant vessels since January 2014, despite some commentators’ views that the pirates continue to ‘probe.’

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Via: http://www.marsecreview.com/