Incident Alert – Vessel attacked off Nishtun in the Gulf of Aden

INCIDENT ALERT –  Vessel attacked off Nishtub in the Gulf of Aden 
Date: 28 April 2023 0310 UTC
Position: 15 31 18N – 52 09 33E 
Location: 18 Nm Southwest of Nishtun, Yemen


Incident Details:

UKMTO released Warning 001/APR/2023 stating that a vessel had been attacked 18 Nm south of the port of Nishtun in Yemen. The report said that shots had been fired at the vessel from 3 boats with 3-4 person on board. The event has since been downgraded from an ATTACK to an INCIDENT by UKMTO who stated that the event involved a Yemen Government Agency.


Neptune P2P Group - Vessel attacked off Nishtun in the Gulf of Aden - Copy

Neptune P2P Group Analysis:

We understand the vessel involved in this incident was a private yacht. No other details are available regarding the circumstances behind the attack but our initial analysis concludes that this is a non-piracy incident. We will provide further updates as we receive more information.