Incident Alert – Suspected Robbery Attempt off Conakry, Guinea

INCIDENT ALERT – Suspected Robbery Attempt off Conakry, Guinea
Date: 05 July 2023 0139 UTC
Position: Lat 09° 16′ 46″N Long 13° 45′ 41″E
Location: Approximately 15nm South of Conakry – Guinea


Incident Details:

It has been reported that security guards disrupted an attempted boarding of a chemical tanker approximately 15nm South of Conakry, Guinea. An unknown number of criminals were spotted at the stern of the vessel in a small boat with a ladder on board. The alarm was raised and the perpetrators immediately left the scene. The vessel and crew are safe.

map showing incident location


Neptune P2P Group Analysis:

Comment. The anchorages and waters off the city of Conakry appear to be the latest ‘Hotspot’ for criminal activity in the Gulf of Guinea. There have been several boardings of vessels in the area within the last 12 months where criminals, some armed, have robbed ships of equipment and the crew’s personal belongings.

Analysis. The recent spike in criminal activity throughout the Gulf of Guinea is likely due to the poor socio-economic situation in the region which is driving local people to resort to criminal activity to sustain their livelihoods.