Missing tanker found off Mati City, Philippines

Titus Zheng

Singapore-headquartered anti-piracy watchdog ReCAAP information sharing centre has reported that missing tanker MT Rehobot had been found off Mati City, Philippines.

According to the report, the Philippines Coast Guard received information about a grounded ship in Barangay Cabuaya, Mati City, on 23 February. Coastguards and officials from Field Station South Eastern Mindanao and Naval Intelligence Security Group were dispatched to the location the next day.

Authorities confirmed the grounded ship was the missing MT Rehobot following inspection of the vessel.

Authorities also found spillage of an unknown substance on board the ship and further investigations are being carried out to determine what has happened since the vessel was boarded on 28 January.

MT Rehobot was boarded by eight armed men in the vicinity of Lembeh Island, Indonesia, on 28 January.

The men took control of the tanker carrying 1,100 tonnes of diesel oil and left its 14 Indonesian crew members on life rafts.

The crew members were found drifting off Lembeh Island by the Indonesian authorities on 31 January.

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