Kenyan court orders repatriation 10 Somali pirates

A Kenyan Court on Wednesday ordered the repatriation of ten suspected pirates to Somalia.

Mombasa High Court Judge, Justice Muya ruled that the ten serves the remaining four year jail in their country of origin for offence of hijacking a vessel along the Gulf of Aden waters.

Muya said he had considered the ongoing initiative by both Somalia and Kenya to maintain peace.

Muya said Somalia had undergone several changes, which had made it stable and friendly to its citizens, hence suspects would be closer to their relatives, rather than being held in cells in a foreign country.

He said the move would further help in easing congestion at the prison facilities.

“I have greatly observed the offence of piracy is a serious offence. Though you are going home to serve the remaining sentence do not attempt to do it again. You have acquired new skills which will better your lives back home,” Muya said.

The ten had been convicted to serve ten years, in jail in November 5, 2013 after the court found them guilty for the offense of piracy.

They had since denied charges that while in the Gulf of Aden, armed with AK-47 rifle they attacked a vessel MV Maria, and thereafter causing panic to the crew members.

The suspects had submitted that they were young men, first offenders and the ten year sentence meted on them was harsh, considering they were in custody during trial for three years.

Somali Ambassador to Kenya Mohammed Ali Nur government hopes Kenya will allow the transfer of the remaining 97 convicted Somali pirates from Kenyan jails back to Somalia.

Nine are serving 20 years, eight jailed 10 and 44 are serving seven years each for piracy related charges.

Nur said they are negotiating with Kenya government in the program dabbed return pirates suspects back home to transfer.


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