Attacks by Somali pirates cost $ 6.5 million per year to the Malagasy economy

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Somali pirates operating in the Mozambique Channel are causing huge losses to the economy of the Big Island. Millions of dollars are lost.

According to the Indian Ocean Commission (IOC), pirates from Somalia who roam the Mozambique Channel and attacking merchant ships and their occupants would impact heavily economy Madagascar .

In fact, $ 6.5 million, the equivalent of 6 million would thus be lost to the economy of the Big Island after the ships attacked setting sail for Madagascar were attacked and emptied of their cargo.

African countries in the East and the Indian Ocean islands, through the program to fight against piracy and maritime security (MASE) developed a regional maritime strategy. This is to set up three information centers and intervention to coordinate actions at the regional level.

“The center of training and documentation has been set up in Djibouti, the center of maritime information fusion and will meanwhile installed in Madagascar. We receive applications to host the central management of offshore operations conducted a country has already submitted his” explained François Laurent, an expert against maritime piracy IOC sidelines of the 19th meeting of the intergovernmental committee of experts was held from March 2 to 5.


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